Potato Cutters

Potato Cutter – You Must Have

It is hard not to like fried potatoes. Almost everyone from kids to aged individuals, every one just love to have some deep fried potato chips.

On the other hand this kind of love and affection for fried potatoes chips make it hard for housewives and moms, when you do not have the right kind of tools for french fries.

Well guess what? WoChaye.pk presents top rated and one of best finger chips machine, and french fries cutter (s) that is prefect for different types of potatoes including fried potatoes.

Wavy Potato Cutter

Wavy cutters for with plastic handle and wooden handle are one of this one kind. Kids love fried potato in wavy shape. Wavy slicer can also be used for chopping veggies, cutting fruit, waffle fries, pickle chips, easy egg salad and making fancy garnishes for nice food presentation.

French Fries Holders

Did ever feel that there must be some solution for presenting fried potatoes ? Well we got you covered! With ceramic french fries holders. These holders comes with separate spaces for ketchup and mayo sauce.

Finger Chips Machine

Making potato chips is difficult? Well not any more! By using our imported Spiral Potato Cutter Machine, you can make the prefect spiral potatoes with the help of its stainless steel blade and anti-slip handle. Along with heavy Finger Chips Machine, a simple plastic spiral potatoes machine is a available in Pakistan for online shopping.

Finger Chips Cutter

The simple finger chips cutter is at its best! these finger chips cutter are prefect for different kind of  fired potatoes. Apart from simple finger chips cutter we also have the manual finger chips maker that does not require any kind of electricity.

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