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Kids Simply love potato chips. Having that in mind, we at wochaye.pk develop a complete guide on potato chips cutter in Pakistan. These potato cutters and finger chips machine will make it easy to create homemade french fries that you and the kids are sure to love.

Your kids will now have the delicious potato chips. Because these time saving potato chips cutters have the ability to cut the potatoes from all the dimensions. You can create finger chips in a single and fast motion using the stainless steel blades.

All of the fry cutter and potato chips machines that are included in the list of Top 5 Potato Chips Cutter in Pakistan are completely operated on manual basis. Which means you do not need to have the electricity to operate them. And before you choose any slicer you should read the pros and cons of every potato slicer that is available.

Are you ready to make the prefect potato fries ? Let check out the list

Wavy Potato Cutter with Wooden Handle

If your kids love fancy crinkle wavy cuts, this cutter may be the prefect choice for you. This Wavy Potato Cutter is perfect for wavy crinkle edges and waffle cuts on potatoes. Even people use it to make the waffle and wavy cuts on fruits and vegetables using this cutter.

Excellent for slicing zucchini, cucumbers, melons, carrots, etc. Also used to cut a variety of foods. Well slice fruits and veggies with style using this knife. Add excitement to your salads, veggies, and French Fries!

Saves time during food preparation. And best of all it is in knife shape. Which means it does not require electricity for its operation. Which is a huge advantage over the potato cutters that does require electricity for their operation.

The size of wavy potato cutter is also very compact. Hence you can use this fries cutter for compact storage. Also much easier to clean simply hand wash in warm for easy cleanup

This Wavy Potato Cutter uses stainless steel blades for sharp cutting. It also features wooden handle for strong and anti slip grip. The sharp steel blade is sturdy and durable for effortless slicing. As the price for wavy potato cutter changes from time to time. You can visit the link to check the latest wavy potato cutter price in Pakistan. Or you may click on button below the summary.

The Short Summary of PROS and CONS:

  1. Our potato chips cutter have higher quality with the design of stainless steel blade and anti slip wooden handle.
  2. It is perfect for making fancy edges and waffle cuts on various fruits and vegetables.
  3. Does require electricity for their operation.
  4. Safe, durable and ergonomic.
  5. Very compact. Which is ideal for storage.
  6. Effortless slicing.
  7. Also much easier to clean .

Spiral Potato Cutter Machine

Something that every kid love in Pakistan is spiral potatoes. Just like South Korea. This South Korean popular street food is equally popular in Pakistan was well. And this Spiral potato cutter is the key to that desire. This spiral potato slicer let you to make spiral potatoes for your wonderful BBQ experience and twisted potato chips , tornado potatoes and other veggie snacks for your family hospitality.

How to use it

This spiral potato cutter machine is every easy to use. It is very safe and convenient to slice potato. All you need to do is to just mount the potato at the right side of twist potato cutter machine. And adjust the handle at the bottom of the potato. Now rotate the tornado fries cutter machine in clockwise direction. And boom in just 10 seconds a complete twisted potato stick is ready to fry !

This spiral potato cutter machine uses stainless steel blades and a rotary handle fro mechanical support. This potato chips machine is also non-electric and use no electricity. Hence it is completely a manual machine for spiral potatoes.

This spiral potato cutter machine is not only limited to potatoes. Therefore you can you it for wide variety of usage which not only includes potatoes slicing but also other fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, cucumbers etc.

There are so many creative ways to cook using this premium potato slicer for spiral potatoes and twisted potatoes. You will love thinking of new ways to replace favorite recipes with spiralized vegetables instead.

The Short Summary of PROS and CONS:

  1. Stainless Steel Paring Blade Easily Adjusts To Allow For Different Peeling Thicknesses.
  2. Slice And Core The Blade, Which Performs Both Functions Meanwhile.
  3. Rubber Suction Mount Holder Make The Smooth Surface.
  4. Usage On Core, Peel And Slice Apples Or Other Fruit.
  5. Convenience For Cleaning After Use.

Plastic French Fries Cutter

Do not judge a book by it’s cover. Although this french fries cutter is not really fits in to the list of potato cutter machines. But this simple plastic french fries cutter have way more to offer in term of value.

These time saving. Just hold the potato in the plate and place the plastic french fries cutter on top of that. Now push it downwards and you are good to go! You french fries are ready to fry.

Due to plastic the grip is not that much strong. Some customers do report handle damages for this product as well. This is the biggest CON of this potato cutter. Although the blades are made up of stainless steel. These blades are strong enough to cut the potato in just one go. Also it is easy to clean.

Another CON for this product is that if does not have multiple options for chips cutting. Therefore you can cut the potatoes in only french fries style only.

The Short Summary of PROS and CONS:

  1. Time saver.
  2. High quality stainless steel blades.
  3. Easy to clean after usage.
  4. Peel and slice apples or other fruits.
  5. Safe to use.
  6. Handle does not offer strong grip and customer do report handle damages issues.
  7. Does not offer multiple options for slicing of potatoes.

Curly Potato Cutter with Plastic Handle

This zigzag and curly potato cutter is simpler to Wavy Potato Cutter in term of shape. Although both of them offer same features but different quality. The biggest difference between both of them is in term of quality.

There is no doubt, wavy potato cutter with wooden handle offer much better quality as compare to curly potato cutter. There is a difference of potato cutter handling. Plus the grip. Hence if you ask us which one is better, go for curly potato cutter with wooden handle.

Curly potato cutter with plastic handle does offer some amazing features like fancy edges cutting and waffle cuts on various fruits and vegetables.  

The Short Summary of PROS and CONS:

  1. Prefect for any kind of vegetable.
  2. Knife shaped.
  3. Fancy edges cutting and waffle cuts.
  4. Very compact and ideal for storage.
  5. Does have some handling issues with plastic handle.

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